Our Visit to Hassayampa Inn

Built in 1927, Hassayampa Inn is a beauty and is full of history. It is part of the National Register of Historic Places and a member of the prestigious Historic Hotels of America, and selected for its historic character, architectural quality, and outstanding preservation efforts. The hotel was named after the Hassayampa River to the north of town. Hassayampa is an Apache word for “the river that loses itself” to “the upside down river.”

Actual construction of the four-story, 78 room hotel, was completed in only 10 months for around $200,000, plus $75,000 for furnishings. Even though this hotel is nearly 100 years old, walking into the hotel today feels as if you’re stepping right back into the 1920’s. Like the elevator at the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego, the original elevator can only be operated by hotel staff. It’s a rare opportunity to step into the past, although it’s probably quicker to take the stairs! The hand painted, wood beamed ceiling in the lobby is also unforgettable as is the hotel’s Talavera tile fireplace, Castilian walnut furniture, embossed copper panels, chandeliers and etched glass.

When Hassayampa Inn opened for business in 1927 they were visited by a long list of celebrities, including Will Rogers, Clark Gable, and General Blackjack. In modern times, the guest list has included Joan Rivers, The Beach Boys, George W. Bush, and Tom Selleck to name a few.

Fun Fact: Hundreds of Prescott citizens bought shares into the project at $1 each and the result was the construction of a stunning red brick building, completed in 1927, that would serve as the cornerstone of downtown. Back then, it was known as the Hassayampa Hotel.

E & K’s Favorites: The original antique elevator, and the serene courtyard in front of the hotel.

Website: https://www.hassayampainn.com

Address: 122 E Gurley St, Prescott, AZ 86301