Wei Better Orange Chicken

Pei Wei (n:) Asian culinary tradition by wok-searing premium ingredients in portions that satisfy.

Just when you think Orange Chicken can’t get any better, IT DOES! This classic Asian dish is a family favorite across America and Pei Wei is turning it up a notch.

Pei Wei has defined what it means to serve fresh Asian Cuisine. Their fresh, never frozen chicken that is hand cut in-house by professional Chefs, sautéed in a 650˚ wok with fresh orange slices defines the epitome of what Wei Better Orange Chicken is all about.

{{ “Move over, Panda. Wei Better Orange Chicken is here!” }}

On Thursday March 29th we were able to attend an exclusive family-style dinner hosted by Pei Wei’s Director of Culinary Innovation, Chef J., to sample their newest delectable dish and other menu favorites.

🍊 Orange Chicken Dish: Chef J. and his team prepared Wei Better Orange Chicken in many different variations which included: The Original Orange Chicken, Orange Shrimp, Orange Flank Steak, Orange Tofu and Orange Vegetarian. Any of these dishes can be served with white rice, brown rice, vegetables, lettuce cups, quinoa, noodles and mixed greens.

E&K Favorites: The Original Wei Better Orange Chicken

Website: https://www.peiwei.com

Address: All Locations

Fight For Your Right To Party…90’s Style!

🎧 From West Philadelphia born and raised. Fight for your right to party. What was your jam during the 90’s era? Sorry in advance for getting those songs stuck in your head.

On January 24th, 2018 we attended 90’s Night with the fabulous host, She Forks Phoenix and other great bloggers and influencers at Joe’s Midnight Run in Phoenix.

No detail was left out. The centerpieces ranged from VHS tapes, to CD’s, to swag bags, 90’s music, and Back to the Future playing on the T.V.

The night was filled with such nostalgia especially when Travis from Food, Art & Culture whipped out his disk man with the 90’s CD inside. He rocked his 90’s costume so well that he won the Best Dressed 90’s contest.

From chokers to overalls, high ponytails with scrunchies to flannels, MTV to Clueless…

A couple fun facts about Mer: She has an MBA in Marketing and Entrepreneurship, and played collegiate rugby. She also grew up on the East Coast and has lived in Boston, NY, and California, before moving to Phoenix. She met her husband in Vegas.

A couple fun facts about Joe’s Midnight Run: They have no gas or ovens, they cook everything on a wood-fired grill, this location used to be drive thru liquor store for over 60 years.

E&K Favorites: The Notorious B.I.G. Burger

Website: http://www.joesmidnightrun.com

Address: 6101 N 7th St, Phoenix, AZ 85014