Pop ‘N Tea – Food as Art – She Forks Event

Pop ‘N Tea – Food as Art- She Forks Event       

💎 Growing up in Arizona, popsicles were their own food group! Now that we are grown up, we were more than ecstatic when we heard of Pop ‘N Tea Bar in Phoenix.

Their adult version of the popsicle involves gelato frozen into diamond shaped popsicle bars, then dipped into chocolate and choice of toppings.

On February 20th, 2018 we attended another amazing She Forks Phoenix event, Food As Art, at the Pop ‘N Tea located in Phoenix. We were graced with the company of other great bloggers and influencers.

Matt, Benson and Eric, the owners of Pop ‘N Tea, treated us with amazing boba drink samples, and the ever so glorious, gelato diamond gelato bar. These three friends are passionate about only serving up quality products from quality ingredients.

A couple fun facts about Pop ‘N Tea Bar:  The building they are in used to be a flower shop. As a tribute to the history of that building they designed their logo to look like a flower bouquet. Pretty cool, huh!

E&K Favorites: Erika’s favorite is the Sea Salt Caramel Gelato Bar dipped in dark chocolate and topped with crushed peanuts. Kaylyn’s favorite is the Vanilla Gelato Bar dipped in milk chocolate and topped with pistachios.

Website: https://www.popntea.com

Address: 550 W McDowell Road Phoenix, AZ 85003

Vienna Beef 125th Anniversary Celebration

Vienna Beef 125th Anniversary Celebration

On Saturday, February 3, we attended the 125th anniversary celebration of Vienna Beef’s Hot Dog Pop Up Party. The event was held at Helio Basin Brewing Co. in Phoenix, and was hosted by AZ Foodie. We had an amazing time visiting this brewery for the first time and being surrounded by great company. We hung out with old friends, and met some new friends as well. The atmosphere was very cozy and inviting for friends to sit together, chat, eat, drink, and enjoy each other’s company.

We tried a variety of dishes prepared by Executive Chef Tamara, which were all inspired by Vienna Beef. From the quesadilla with jalapeños, chicharrones, duckfat beans, polish sausage with cheddar, cashew rice, veggie burgoo, mini bagel dogs, hatch chile cream cheese, and much more. We also tried a blackberry wheat beer which was crisp and refreshing.

Aside from all the great food, there was also some entertaining live music. We thoroughly enjoyed listening to the guitar and saxophone, and the amazing singing. There was also liquor sampling from Pure Peru and the sample we tried was so delicious.

We had a blast playing the games that were set up outside on the patio. We challenged each other in corn hole, life size Connect Four and Jenga. We’ll say that neither of us lost any of the games. 😉 We had a great time and laughed so much.

We had the pleasure of meeting Katie Dennis who is the Director of Retail Marketing for Vienna Beef. She gave us some history about the evolution of Vienna beef and how it came to be in the Southwest! 🙂 We also got a fun goodie bag filled with all the ingredients necessary to make a genuine Chicago dog!

What is a Chicago-style hot dog? It’s an all-beef hot dog topped with yellow mustard, bright green sweet relish, chopped white onions, juicy tomato slices, a crisp dill pickle spear, sport peppers, and a dash of celery salt…all nestled into a steamed poppy seed bun.

Fun Facts about Vienna Beef: Born in 1893, they have become Chicago’s and the Midwest’s first choice hot dog. They are an independent, family owned company. They are more than just a hot dog company, they also sell soups, cheese sauce, pickles, and deli meats. Many of Chi town residents are now refugees of the Valley. Did you know the Valley is the second highest metropolitan area Chicagoans reside?

E&K Favorites: Blackberry Wheat Beer and the hatch chile cream cheese

Website: http://www.heliobasinbrewing.com/   http://www.viennabeef.com/

Address: 3935 E. Thomas Road Phoenix, AZ 85018

Fight For Your Right To Party…90’s Style!

🎧 From West Philadelphia born and raised. Fight for your right to party. What was your jam during the 90’s era? Sorry in advance for getting those songs stuck in your head.

On January 24th, 2018 we attended 90’s Night with the fabulous host, She Forks Phoenix and other great bloggers and influencers at Joe’s Midnight Run in Phoenix.

No detail was left out. The centerpieces ranged from VHS tapes, to CD’s, to swag bags, 90’s music, and Back to the Future playing on the T.V.

The night was filled with such nostalgia especially when Travis from Food, Art & Culture whipped out his disk man with the 90’s CD inside. He rocked his 90’s costume so well that he won the Best Dressed 90’s contest.

From chokers to overalls, high ponytails with scrunchies to flannels, MTV to Clueless…

A couple fun facts about Mer: She has an MBA in Marketing and Entrepreneurship, and played collegiate rugby. She also grew up on the East Coast and has lived in Boston, NY, and California, before moving to Phoenix. She met her husband in Vegas.

A couple fun facts about Joe’s Midnight Run: They have no gas or ovens, they cook everything on a wood-fired grill, this location used to be drive thru liquor store for over 60 years.

E&K Favorites: The Notorious B.I.G. Burger

Website: http://www.joesmidnightrun.com

Address: 6101 N 7th St, Phoenix, AZ 85014